Mark’s passion for wood started from an early age. Whether it was whittling wood or building go-carts from old crates his interest is making something from scratch has followed him throughout his life.

The Baobab Tree, Botswana

After growing up in London, life took him on a different course with his move to Africa and the start of his flying career. After meeting his Argentinean wife in Cape Town together they travelled to and lived in many countries around the world.

From Cape Town their adventure continued to Botswana where Mark was a bush pilot in the Okavango Delta. After many years in Africa they found themselves back in Europe starting a family. Whilst continuing with flying he was able to re establish his first passion of wood and all that it can produce. To this extent during his free time he would be in his workshop restoring old furniture and creating new pieces.

Not having lost their keenness for travel the next opportunity for adventure was in Abu Dhabi where Mark flew the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to countries all over the world. This gave him the opportunity not only to explore and discover new ways in woodworking but also visit some of the most treasured sites of significant trees.

The Giant Sequoia Root Structure

Be it the giant Sequoias and Redwoods in California, the Giant Strangler tress in the Cambodian Temples in Siem Reap or Old Tjikko (which was once considered the oldest tree in the world) on the Norwegian/Swedish border, the experience and knowledge gained from these encounters led him to where he is now and fulfill his wish to return to nature and revert to his original passion.

The Giant Sequoia
The Giant Strangler Tree, Cambodia
Surrounded by Olive and Almond trees Mark and his family now live in the beautiful province of Andalucía, Spain and having given up ‘Life in the Air’ is now able to fully commit and continue with his love of wood and his true appreciation of trees.
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